Subzero Hack

Try out a totally new adventure from RobTop named Geometry Dash Subzero with huck! A real jumping and bracing challenge is waiting for you. Now you have a cool opportunity to customize your character and improve your skills. You can choose the form and color of your character.

That action platformer is followed by the rhythmic soundtrack, and you have to feel the music. While the music seems to give you a tip on what kind of jump to do, a shorter or a longer one. The game contains three cool and challenging levels with soundtracks from Bossfight, MDK, and Boom Kitty.

Here you will have to fly, escape from big skull, avoiding the deathly obstacles. Keep in mind that every failure will take you back to the beginning of the level. So, as you can imagine, you’ll have to practice a lot to succeed in the game. Try to play in a practice mode first, so you’ll have an idea on how to complete each level. Or at least you’ll get used to the navigation and learn how to feel the music properly.

The navigation is simple; you just need to gain some skills. All you need is to tap on your screen. However, watch out the obstacles which are totally fatal for you. If you don’t want to get back to the very beginning of each level after every failure, you can set the checkpoints in the practice mode.

Your fingertips will probably hurt, but becoming a champion in Geometry Dash is worth it!