Geometry Dash New

Ready for a new adventure? Then install a new rhythmic platform game from the creators of Geometry Dash Series. A new Geometry Dash Subzero requires you to brace yourself and be really prepared for overcoming new deadly obstacles and avoiding dangerous enemies. You will be rewarded with new maps, renewed soundtracks and a really terrific gameplay, which will make you be really patient. Multiple barriers on the way of a small cube are already waiting for you. Complete three new levels where you need to collect coins make different achievements and, of course, get to the finish. Keep in mind that you have to choose the right time for running or jumping over the obstacles, so your fingertips have to be very rapid and your attention very concentrated. Try a practice mode first, while it’s your chance to train and gain some necessary experience. You will not become a pro without it, while even the first level is extra difficult. The game offers you a new opportunity of modifying the character. It’s not easy however; you have to overcome the challenges first.

The edition is available both for mobile devices and PCs. Yes, it’s developed specially for Android mobile devices. But don’t be sad, you still can try it on the computer. For doing this it’s necessary to install special app for running the Android apps on PCs. Yes, it means you’ll have to go to the Bluestacks site and install the software. You will make it all within few clicks, so just follow the instructions on how to play on Windows. Playing on mobile devices is great, but the gaming experience on the larger screens is even more exciting. So why not to give it a try right now?!