Geometry Dash Meltdown

A dynamic and rhythmic arcade platform Android game Geometry Dash Meltdown is represented by new interesting maps, cool soundtrack, and terrific gameplay. That’s going to be a totally new adventure started on Google Play. Your task this time will be completing not easy levels by avoiding multiple (countless it seems sometimes) obstacles on the way of your character. Jump over countless enemies, dangerous spikes, running from a deadly skull…the number of challenges is huge. The game will not let you sleep or have rest when playing. You will be required to react quickly. Don’t miss the overhead obstacles and don’t forget to tap on the screen of your mobile device for making your character move. Your finger speed must be excellent, so prepare for a big run. By the way, listen to the music attentively, while it tells you when to slow down and when to jump faster. The coolest soundtracks from Bossfight, MDK, and Boom Kitty will not let you get bored.

Sure, you won’t complete even the first level at once. But thanks to the practice mode you can learn how to do it and improve your skills. Keep in mind that one single failure will cost you all the progress of the game and you will be back to the start of the same level.