Geometry Dash Sub Zero

Want to know Geometry Dash SubZero tips and tricks? Then follow that helpful guide to become a champion in a new game.
The new Geometry Dash version is complicated. Anyone who already played the predecessors before will find it difficult to clear one stage even called Press Start.
Get ready for failures before you succeed it though. Don’t be in a hurry and follow that simple guide for your Geometry Dash SubZero victory!
Tap tactically! The melody introduction begins slowly, and here you are to try some not difficult steps before the real challenge starts. For super accuracy you can time the jumps with the soundtrack, so perceive the beat. You’ll need to drop off some of the platforms and not to jump, that will ensure your safety. The obstacle overhead can easily catch you off guard, so watch them out. Ceiling! The ceiling requires you to cope with the opposite gravity. However, it doesn’t differ a lot from a challenge on the floor. You just need to watch out the objects over your head before jumping.

Flight! Try not to crash when you tap frequently and shortly for flying. At the very beginning it can be confusing. Just feel how it works for your next flying challenge. Death chasing! There is a chase of death (giant skull) after a usual performance. You are to make bigger jumps in that part of the challenge and this will let you clear long distances, but don’t forget to watch out the overhead hurdles. After that, one more short challenge is waiting for you. Pixel platform! Two rooms without autoscroll are waiting for you; here you’ll need to gallop your cube for running it through that room. At first, it’s difficult to manage your route, in the room number two especially. You will make it if you watch out the overhead obstacles.

At the end, there will be another flight challenge. Here you will have to escape from the firing lasers. For avoiding them, stay close to the top or simply wave among them. Keep in mind that the firing lasers come from the mouth of the deathly skull. After making all this you might become a champion of the Press Start, so go ahead and try your luck!
Got that? Now enjoy being a Press Start Champion!