Geometry Dash 2.11

New thrilling levels of the popular Geometry Dash 2.11 are waiting for you in its new version. Train your fingertips now, while it will take you a lot of practice to master each of the levels of the latest release! The game is going to challenge your reaction, so get ready to survive and avoid a range of deadly obstacles!

The neon lights and frosty levels will require you to have a fresh mind and iron nerves! Watch out, while the game is very addicting. The new game is available totally for free. Despite of an absolutely free gameplay, you will face a problem of very annoying ads before each new start of the level. And there is no option of turning it off. The only way to get rid of it would be disconnect your internet when playing.

Tracks with spikes, deathly saws, and other scary obstacles are waiting for you in the newest version. Jumping when necessary will save life of your cube. If you collect the white balls along your way, you’ll unlock other interesting characters. It’s time to have fun!