Geometry Dash Deadlocked

A really difficult Geometry Dash franchise brought lots of excitement and happiness to its fans when released its new game, created in the style of the previous games. The players are going to face absolutely new challenges and adventures, multiple unique and unusual levels, where they have to overcome a range of obstacles with their funny cube. The cube might fail under the ground, it has to jump over sharp spikes, and avoid countless enemies. The game is free to play, but contains some advertising content.

Geometry Dash Subzero will reward you for certain achievements with bonus content! The version is represented by new maps and three different levels. If you are a fan of Geometry Dash series, you should know you can’t be slow in the game, so train your reaction and gain some skills. And the practice mode will help you with that. It’s really impossible to overcome the first level from the first time, so be patient! Don’t forget that each your failure will bring you back to the beginning.