Geometry Dash Subzero 2

The game anticipated by everyone probably named Geometry Dash Subzero is already at everyone’s disposal! That part of the sequel is represented by a richer model and a more beautiful picture. The parkour content is really amazing, and the soundtracks are still very thrilling. Everything is created in such way, that once you start playing, you can’t stop anymore, it is really addicting. It has a great viewing and really charming sound.
The challenge is for music games and thrill lovers. However, if you are travelling and want to spend your leisure somehow in a train, this edition would also be perfect for you, while it has lots of great and addicting levels.
That part belongs to 2D arcade performers and contains the levels full of multiple obstacles. The player’s character is aimed to jump over those obstacles when the rhythmic MDK, Boom Kitty, and Bossfight soundtracks accompany you.
What about the gameplay? It is similar to the previous games’ one in that series. It means you, as before, have to tap on your screen and choose the proper moment to jump. Your slow reaction or a too long or short jump will lead to a start of the level from the very beginning. The edition offers three various levels, each of them is unlocked at once. The challenges are very difficult, so you’ll have to find much time for completing them. Subzero requires the Android 4.0 version and higher.
Join the thrilling sequel on your mobile device! Complete endless complicated levels in the process of the game! Modify your character depending on your own preferences using multiple playing options!