Geometry Dash Subzero

Geometry Dash is a cross-platform arcade game released in already far 2013. Robert Topala, who is a founder of the RobTop Games, is its developer. The game can be played both on the smartphones and on the PCs (Steam platform). The game series includes 38 levels, 21 levels are in the full version, 3 ones are in DLC Geometry Dash Meltdown, 10 levels are in Geometry Dash World, and there are 3 more in Geometry Dash Subzero + one secret level. The gameplay is accompanied by unique soundtracks. The main objective of a player is to reach the finish with the help of a geometric cube or other things, overcoming the obstacles. In case a gamer bumps one of the obstacles, the level starts from the very beginning. The full version contains the levels editor and allows creating other levels and even referring them to other gamers.



The Geometry Dash gameplay is pretty easy. A gamer is to tap the touchscreen (on the mobile device) or the spacebar, left button of the mouse and an upper arrow (on PC) and the character will act respectively.  Almost all the levels are unlocked from the very beginning (except Theory of Everything II, Clubster, and Deadlocked in the full edition), and you can play them in any sequence. Along his way, a player can collect up to three secret coins on each of the official levels; they are usually hidden in secret places. A player also meets different spheres during the game process; they allow jumping and flying, or making a flip in the air when pushing them.

Special portals are also very helpful, when going through them, a character can change its size, gravitation, speed, can double, teleport, reflect the game screen, or turn into another character.

You can try a practice mode, in which it’s possible to collect hidden coins, or a creator mode, where you can create your own level using the standard objects and decorations.


A character is a cube or another object. For controlling it it’s enough to tap the screen or a spacebar, left mouse button, or an up arrow on the keyboard. Most of the character’s parameters can be set up by a player. It’s enough to push the button depicting the fourth form of the cube.

Geometry Dash SubZero for Android

Another part of the arcade platformer saved the same gameplay, mechanics, unbelievable pace, and rhythmic soundtrack. One more time killer, accompanied by a crazy soundtrack, was issued by the RobTop studio. A new part of the game named Geometry Dash SubZero still requires you to run the geometric cube and get to the finish. However, it’s not that easy to do that.

The Geometry Dash Subzero gameplay is very simple, as previously, you should tap the screen, and make the cube jump over the obstacles, collecting coins along its way. Special platforms allow players to make bigger jumps, changing the flight trajectory. The cube, by the way, can be substituted by another object and it’s even possible to change its color. The game requires lots of attention and prompt reaction. That’s why you should use the practice mode first.

Subzero edition contains three new maps and a crazy rhythm, accompanied by amazing soundtracks by Bossfight, MDK, and Book Kitty. It’s available for free, but contains an irritating advertising. You’ll have to watch in after each failure to complete the level. You can’t avoid it, unfortunately. But the “buy full version” option redirects you to the original Geometry Dash page, the cost of which is $2. There is only one way to turn off the ads, switch off the Internet connection during the game.

The edition was released in January 2018. Create a real parkour adventure for a little cube!